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(in progress)

The Launch of the new WAGON v2.0 line of card shall begin with our first deck dedicated to the Genre most dear to our hearts. The Geek Deck is themed around the power of the Geek, which is to combine the forces of deceptively weak-looking characters and use unothodox strategy to overcome seemingly unbeatable opponents. Truly in this dawn of a new begining, the Geek shall inherit the Earth.

Confirmed webcomics to appear:

Adrastus - Epic Fail - Webcomic Hell - Cartridge - and more to come!

Your pre-ordered copy of the Geek Deck will include:

  • 30 Characters and Plot Device
  • 10 Bandwidth Cards
  • A copy of our newest Rare card Blue in the Future!

The Geek Deck shall go to print as soon as it is fully funded,
so stay tuned to the site for progress towards that goal.

Geek Deck Pre-sale $10 (+Shipping & Handling)
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