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WAGON Webcomic BattleGame Rules: Plot Device Cards

In this section of the guide you will learn about:

Plot Device Cards are used to support your own Characters or hinder the actions of your opponent's Character Cards. Some Plot Devices can give an OFF power boost, others can prevent a card from acting, and some others still can destory another card altogether. The placement and use of your Plot Device Cards can potentially turn around the most hopeless of situations, and can turn a garunteed defeat into an upset victory.

  1. The Card's Type, which dictates the way the card is used in play.

  2. The home url of the Card's Webcomic. Visit here and learn all about the card's origins!
  3. The Card's Name
  4. The Effect Count of the Card. It indicates how long a Card's effect can last before it must be removed from the playing field.
  5. The Card's Atributes. These can dictate how and on who the card's effects will work.

  6. A brief description of the Card.

  7. This is a discription of the Card's effects on other cards and how to use it. Some Cards only work under certain circumstances.


Effect Count

Plot Device Cards carry what is referred to as an Effect Count. This number represents the number of rounds a Plot Device can remain active on the field before it has to be discarded. Along with the common numbered Effect Counters there are some Plot Devices that will carry other Symbols as well:

Numbered Counter - When in play, Plot Devices with a Numbered Counter can stay on the playing field for the indicated number of rounds. This allows Character Cards to take advantage of their effects to aid their abilties in fights. After the indicated number of rounds is over, the card must be removed from the playing field.

Instant Counter - Plot Devices with Instant Counters have immediate effects on the playing field, and once that effect is used the card is immediatly discarded. These cards are used to perform feats such as playing Boosted Characters or causing a Special Effect on the field.

Infinite Counter - This Plot Device will stay on the playing field untill discarded by it's owner, untill conditions are met in the card's instructions that dictate it should be removed from the field, or untill destroyed.

Equipment - Equipment Plot Devices are attached to a Character directly, giving that one Character new abilities. They stay on the field until the Character is removed.


Much like Character cards, Plot Devices can carry atributes that can dictate how it effects the game. A Plot Device's atributes will either dictate a particular property of the card, or the effect it can have on other cards such as attacks. Here are a few examples of PD Atributes you'll most commonly see:

Alcohol - Fairly self-explainatory, any card with this atribute can be associated with alcohol. Watch out for those DRUNK effects!

Undead - Necromantic magic and the walking dead are the speicals of the day for any card carrying one of these.

Machine - mechanical monstrosities and techology are the name of the game when you see this symbol appear.


Plot Device Special Effects

The main purpose of a Plot Device card is to cause effects on other cards, whether it been through boosting power, lowering defenses, summoning new cards, or destroying other cards outright. The instructions on how to use a Plot Device is listed on the card itself.


Atribute Affecting Plot Devices

Beyond a Plot Device's stated purpose, the atributes of a Plot Device can effect a Character card in several different ways. Let's look at an example of this:

Bill Vs. Viveka

Let's say we once again have Bill and Viveka going head to head in Offensive Posistion. Their OFF Points are equal, so usually this should result in both cards being destroyed. For the moment, we're going to ignore Viveka's Special Ability, because it's about to be rendered moot.

The "Barbarian Grog" Plot Device carries the atribute Alcohol, symbolized with the mark next to it's name. On it's own this Atribute does nothing, but when this card is played when Bill is on the field...

Bill Vs. Viveka

Bill carries a Special Ability called "Drunken Master" which reads:

"For every marked card currently in play Bill gains 1 OFF Point."

This means that having Barbarian Grog on the field adds 1 to Bill's OFF Points, thus bringing his total OFF up to 6. Since Bill's 6 OFF is now higher than Viveka's 5 OFF, Viveka's special ability doesn't activate and Bill destroys Viveka to win the fight.

This of course is only one example of a wide variety of Atribute Effects that you can use to your strategic advantage in battle.


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