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WAGON Webcomic Battle: the collectable cardgame

the collectable cardgame
Giving a whole new meaning to drawing from your deck

Welcome to WAGON Webcomic Battle! Within these pages you will find a gathering of an ever-growing number of webcomics, creators, and online entertainers from all across the internet, brought together to lend their imaginations to the making of a card game of epic proportions.

Happening Now: Mystic Deck is on Sale!

Our second v2.0 set of cards, the Mystic Deck, is finally here! Come and check out our magic-themed collection of cards.



Happening Now: Geek Deck is now on Sale!

The launch of our very first v2.0 deck, the Geek Deck, is here! Order your deck now and be the first of your gaming circle to get decked out!



Happening Now: Ashcan Pack: Prepare to Die

Our very first expansion, or Ashcan Pack is here! Check out this new collection of cards to intoduce whole new strategies into your gameplay.


Fresh Off the Press

January 09, 2014 - Mysteries of the Arcana Kickstarter

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