Wagon Webcomic Battle - Gamma Deck
WAGON Webcomic BattleGamma Deck

Jamie the Friend-Boy Tammy the Friend-Girl Owen the Llama Super Genius Blinded by the Light Where's the Cake? Gayzilla Sir Vivor of Redshirtia Fletcher the Bad Comic Character Art and Leaf Doctor Hubris the Not-so-mad Scientist The Apple of Discord Diyero Rube - the Rune Master Myron Zorba the Ziegun Hikari the Assassian Activate Runes: Defensive Magic Activate Runes: Repulsing Water Wave Flying Cow - Distractions From Above Evan the Fanboy Milton the Nerd Jerry the Expert Cartridge Power Zombie Resurrection NERD RAGE!!!11one Spot the Little Brother Ketty the Middle Brother Kat the Elder Brother The Book of Spooky Magiks Genre Dial The Archer of Discord
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