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The Mighty Green Knight

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WAGON Webcomic Battle - Lemon & Lime
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Lemon & Lime

Plot Device

Humanoid Dark Blank

"Everyone wants our help. But the moment I invite them for pot roast and Jenga, they back away and run!"

Card Cost

1 Bandwidth

BlankBlack Market

When any player’s character leaves the field, any (Equipment) Plot Devices equipped to them are set aside instead of being discarded.

Any player may buy these Plot Devices during their ‘Draw Phase’ for 1 (Bandwidth) & equip it to a Character in play. Also add 1 Counter to Lemon & Lime. You may spend these counters as (Bandwidth).

Source Webcomic "Evil Plan" by Alexis Royce & Megan Johnston

Deck Affiliation Geek Deck

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