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WAGON Webcomic Battle - Hydra Bot
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Hydra Bot


Alien Monster Machine

"It hit me harder whenever I tried to pummel it."

Card Cost

1 Bandwidth


3 Offense


4 Defense

BlankMonsterous Robotic Re-growth

Every time Hydra Bot attacks or is attacked its OFF Power is increased by 1 and its DEF Power is decreased by 1.

This effect ends when DEF Power reaches 0.

Gameplay Amendment Under no circumstance can a character's OFF or DEF Power cannot be taken below 0, so if an ability's effect would take it below 0 the effect would no longer work. At maximum Hydra Bot would have 7/0 base stats, after which it's ability could no longer be used.

Source Webcomic "Adrastus" by Liz Staley

Deck Affiliation Geek Deck

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