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WAGON Webcomic Battle - The Jewel
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The Jewel

Plot Device

Psychic Blank Blank

"We all play our parts in this... the question is who will survive to see it to the end..."

Card Cost

0 Bandwidth


On the turn you play this card, Choose 2 of your Characters currently on the field. Instead of their regular attacks they may combine their OFF Power to make a single attack.

If either Character used are removed from the field, destroy the other and The Jewel. The Jewel cannot be destoryed by any other means.

Gameplay Amendment In order to use this PD the two chosen Character must be able to make a regular attack, meaning they must be in Offensive Posistion and free of other effects that would prevent them from attacking.

Source Webcomic "Blue Sky" by Jacob Bond

Deck Affiliation Delta Deck

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