Wagon Webcomic Battle - FAQ
WAGON Webcomic BattleFrequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Q. What is WAGON?
    A. The World Aliance of Geeks Online Network (W.A.G.O.N.) is an oganization dedicated to the promotion of independant and small press entertainment sites across the internet.
  • Q. There aren't very many questions here yet, are there?
    A. No. No there aren't. If you'd like to help solve that problem, please send us your questions.

Webcomic Owners

  • Q. I've got a webcomic! How can I join the battle?
    A. I'm glad you asked! Please contact us and let us know who you are and what your comic is. After we check out your comic, we'll contact you about getting in on the action.
  • Q. Are there any restrictions on content for a webcomic to be considered?
    A. Generally speaking, all participating comics are kept at a WEB-14 level, though there are exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Dispite the content of the comic though, the cards themselves are not allowed to display excessive graphic violence, sexuality, or gore.
  • Q. What about the legal aspect? What rights would I give up?
    A. Absolutely none. Participation in the Card Game is a simple exchange of services: a webcomic artist allows us to use a few peices of artwork to create cards, and in turn we provide advertising for the webcomic. The artist still has full ownership over the artwork created and may use it in any way they see fit. The only restriction to use is in connection to WAGON Webcomic Battle, which owns the rights to the designs of the cards themselves. Using images of your cards for advertising is totally fine though, as long as you also link back to us.
  • Q. Are there any requirements for joining?
    A. We've got a few critera that potential cardgame participants should meet:
    1. You must have a decent archive under your belt. This would something like 50 comics, a chapter, six months of consistant updates, etc. The point is visitors have to actually have enough to read and get hooked on your comic.
    2. You must have an address that is 25 characters long or less. There is limited space on the cards to list your URL, so its going to have to fit. The best solution to this would be to have your own domain name, but as long as your URL is permanent other hosts are fine too.
    3. You must show a record of updating on a consistant basis. Taking hiatus or vacations are fine, but you need to have some semblance of a schedule and show you can stick to it.
    4. You must display some level of artistic ability. We hate to bring it up, but we're printing high-quality cards to be distributed world wide. We have fairly relaxed standards, but if your comic (and/or website) are simple atrocious... well you might need to hold off and practice awhile before joining the game.

      Of course, there are the occasional acceptions...

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