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WAGON Webcomic BattleGame Rules: Plot Device Cards - Effect Count

Plot Device Cards carry what is referred to as an Effect Count. This number represents the number of rounds a Plot Device can remain active on the field before it has to be discarded. Along with the common numbered Effect Counters there are some Plot Devices that will carry other Symbols as well:

Numbered Counter - When in play, Plot Devices with a Numbered Counter can stay on the playing field for the indicated number of rounds. This allows Character Cards to take advantage of their effects to aid their abilties in fights. After the indicated number of rounds is over, the card must be removed from the playing field.

Instant Counter - Plot Devices with Instant Counters have immediate effects on the playing field, and once that effect is used the card is immediatly discarded. These cards are used to perform feats such as playing Boosted Characters or causing a Special Effect on the field.

Infinite Counter - This Plot Device will stay on the playing field untill discarded by it's owner, untill conditions are met in the card's instructions that dictate it should be removed from the field, or untill destroyed.

Equipment - Equipment Plot Devices are permanently attached to a Character directly, giving that one Character new abilities. They stay on the field until the Character is removed.

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