Wagon Webcomic Battle - Delta Deck
WAGON Webcomic BattleDelta Deck

Godo Ryuichi Hashimoto Akemi Jao - Demon of the Old World Makku Face Attack! Sock Puppet The Jewel Marc the Erzengel Lynn the Eternal Victim Munin the Raven of Odin The One Who Knows appears out of nowhere Zortic - Captain of the Entire Prize Zoie - Action Heroine Splink - Mystic Engineer The Entire Prize - Consolation Class Cruiser Cy-Boar Squirrel Scorp Security Alert Stealth Jetpack Sudden Explosion! Mark the Lonely Fella Dennis - Ingenious Inventor Sherm Sherman The Jogging Girl Morpho the Butterfly Element RasBot vs. SarBot - Random Collateral Damage Mugg Lite the Rootbeer Brewmaster Lime Rootbeer
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