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WAGON Webcomic Battle - Hello, the Contest!

Hello, the Contest!

Deck Zero
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How To Enter

Create a high resolution image inspired by Blue, her creative works, and perhaps by the powers of the card itself (depicted above). This image will ultimately measure 2in x 1.5 at a minimum of 300 dpi. Larger images will shrunk, and potentially cropped, to fit these dimensions.

Mail your artwork to:
with the subject "Hello, the Contest!".

Final deadline for entering the contest is
Sunday, July 15th.

The Legal Stuff

The card created by this contest will NEVER be sold for profit and will only be used as promotional give-a-ways at conventions and with pre-sale orders of the "Geek Deck". Like all card content created for WAGON Webcomic Battle, we (W.A.G.O.N.) and Hello-the-Future.Net reserve the right to display the artwork on our websites and in print as part of the complete playing card. The artwork itself, however, remains your personal creative property and can be used in whatever manner you would like. If you would like to display an image of the finished card on a site as well, you may certainly do so... though we'd much appreciate a link back to us so people know where it comes from :-)

As we continue our road towards WAGON v2.0 and the future of card games we're having a contest, who could possibly be better to be a part of the event than Nicole from Hello, the Future! If you're an artist with a hankering to get a little peice of your work in print, win some prizes, and go down in WAGON history, then this is the contest for you.

The Deadline is here! I you have a contest entry get it in now!!

The Contest

Every deck we produce needs a rare card to go with it, and our upcoming Geek Deck will feature an awesome geekrocker lady. Where do you come in then? We need YOU to help us create the equally awesome artwork for this card! Your artwork (when you win) will be featured on our new card, which will go to print at the same time as when our Geek Deck is fully funded. Along with this, we've also got some extra prizes including music cds, your own copy of the Geek Deck, and of course a small stack of the card featuring your art to share with all your friends (and perhaps to infuriate your enemies as well).

Prizes to Win

Our 1st place winner will get:

  • A copy of our "Geek Deck"
  • 50 "Hello, the Future!" cards to share with your friends
    (and to make your enemies jealous)
  • A copy of the "Infinity Right Now" CD by Hello, the Future! + digital download code

Our 2nd place winner will get:

  • 1 "Hello, the Future!" card
  • A copy of our "Geek Deck"
  • A "Infinity Right Now" digital download code

Our 3rd place winner will get:

  • 1 "Hello, the Future!" card
  • A "Infinity Right Now" digital download code

No matter who wins, all participants in the contests will get 1 copy of the card for their very own. That's right, prizes for everybody!

How to Win

When all contest entries have been collected we will display them all here on this page, where a voting system will be made available for a limited time so you and the rest of the intrawebs can make your choices heard. In the end, if there is a close race, any tiebreakers will be settled between myself (Mike the GameMaster) and Nicole. The top winners will be announced, and prizes will be sent out as soon as the cards themselves have gone to print. And archive page of entries, along with links to the creators' personal sites, will also be created for all that would like to be kept displayed for historical records.

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