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WAGON Webcomic Battle

Anatomy of the Card

  1. Genre Icon
    The Genre of the Character indicates how it is used in game play and what kinds of Plot Devices can be used with it.
  2. Card Name
    a unique name that identifies the card as part of the WAGON collection.
  3. Card Cost
    The black Bandwidth Icons indicate how much Bandwidth must be paid in order to play the card.
  4. Comic Name
    The source webcomic that is this card's inspiration. This can either be the name of the comic itself or the comic's URL.
  5. Attributes
    All cards carry up to 3 attributes, which help discribe the qualities of the content such as being able to Fly, being an Animal, or being connected to the Water.
  6. OFF and DEF Power
    These marks represent a Character's base strength in battle when played in Offensive or Defensive Posistion.
  7. Special Effect
    The unique ability of the Character, what it can do in battle besides simply battling.

Genres of Characters

Fighter CharacterFighter

Fighters are usually the most aggressive Characters on the field. They tend to have high OFF Power, making them very good at attacking your Opponent and their cards, but tend to lack DEF Power, making them poor defenders of your own Life Panels. They also tend to have special abilities that help themselves in battle, making them more self-reliant. A Fighter-heavy deck will often rely on brute strength to overwhelm an opponent, building up Offense and going in for the quick kill.

Mystical CharacterMystical

In contrast to Fighters, Mystical Characters often have high DEF Power, making them exceptional defenders, while lacking in OFF Power to go on the attack. Mystical Characters tend to have supportive Special Abilities, allowing them to sit back in defense while backing up other Characters in battle... though they are cappable of having some extremely potent offensive spell-like powers as well. A Mystical-heavy deck often relies on clever use of Plot Devices to interrupt an opponent 's efforts while building up an unbreakable defense, and then switching gears to devistate the competition from behind the walls.

Shooter CharacterShooter

Shooter Characters are extremely adaptable in battle, often being switched between Offensive and Defensive Posistion to meet whatever role they need to. They also tend to have somewhat sneaky Special Abilities, attacking without warning or aiming to take a spescific type of enemy. Shooter-heavy decks may need to be customized depending on the opponent you may have, but their ability to adapt and mount counter-offenses makes you an unpredicable and dangerous threat at any time.

Geek CharacterGeek

Geek Characters, by their very nature, are a bit bizare. Often they seem weak in both OFF and DEF Power, but looks can be decieving... out of all Character Genres, Geeks have some of the most diverse Special Abiltiies to work with. They also tend to work very well together, boosting each other's Power and centering around Plot Devices to stand as one. A Geek-heavy deck is a sheer force of trickery and antics, working as much to screw your opponent up as much as helping yourself gain the advantage.

Special CharacterSpecial

The Special Character is a rare breed indeed, fitting into no other Genre they stand seperate from the pack. They have no particular pattern in their OFF or DEF Power, but they do share one thing in common; their rarity makes them largely safe from Genre-Spescific Abilities or Plot Devices. Beyond this, Special Characters tend to have some of the most unique abilities out of all cards, and while there aren't enough of them in existance at this time to consider building a Special Deck they can certainly be a welcome edition into any build you may be trying to fill in.

OFF and DEF Power

All Characters carry two lines of icons on them representing the card's OFF (Offensive) and DEF (Defensive) Power. A Character's Power indicates it's strength in battle, that is how well it can fight with other Characters. As discussed in the Basic Gameplay section of the guide, which type of Power you use in battle depends on whether the Character is in Offensive or Defensive Position.

A Character in Offensive Position Like Captain Placeholder here uses his OFF Power in battle, meaning that he has 4 Power. This means that any Character he battles with less than 4 Power will be destroyed. If he battles a Character that also has 4 Power, they will both be destroyed. And of course if the good old Captain battles a Character with more than 4 Power, he will be the one that is destroyed.

Note: this determination of who wins a battle will occur whether you are the one attacking or the one being attacked, meaning that if a weaker Character attacks a stronger they've essentially destroyed themselves.

Similarly, a Character in Defensive Position will use their DEF Power in Battle, meaning that Captain Placeholder here now only has 2 Power to fight with. Obviously the Captain here really isn't a very good Defensive Character, but rest assured there are plenty of them out there ready to defend your Life Panels to the very end.

Character Battles

In the end, this is what Characters come down to... winning or losing battles. WAGON Webcomic Battle has a very simple system of determining who wins a battle: two Characters fight, and usually one is victorious and the other is destroyed... or in the case of a tie BOTH Characters are destroyed. There is no need to keep track of hitpoints or any kind of damage on a Character; simply put if an attacker has more Power you are destroyed, and if they have less they can't touch you. No matter how many Characters your opponent may have on the field, if your single Character has a higher Power they can't get past it.

This is when Plot Devices take a vital role in the game, allowing you to give bonus Power to your Characters, cause penalties to your opponent's Characters, and to unleash special effects to change the nature of the playing field to your advantage.


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