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WAGON Webcomic Battle - Boosted Characters

Anatomy of the Card

  1. Genre Icon
    The Genre of the Boosted Character indicates how it is used in game play and what kinds of Plot Devices can be used with it.
  2. Card Name
    a unique name that identifies the card as part of the WAGON collection.
  3. Card Cost
    The card(s) named or depicted here must be sacrificed in order to bring the Boosted Character into play.
  4. Comic Name
    The source webcomic that is this card's inspiration. This can either be the name of the comic itself or the comic's URL.
  5. Attributes
    All cards carry up to 3 attributes, which help discribe the qualities of the content such as being able to Fly, being an Animal, or being connected to the Water.
  6. OFF and DEF Power
    These marks represent a Boosted Character's base strength in battle when played in Offensive or Defensive Position.
  7. Special Effect
    The unique ability of the Boosted Character, what it can do in battle besides simply attacking or defending.

Genres of Boosted Characters

Fighter CharacterMystical CharacterShooter CharacterGeek CharacterSpecial Character

Boosted Characters can carry any of the same five Genres as a normal Character can. You can learn more about them in the Characters section of the How To Play Guide.

Bringing Boosted Characters into Play

As mentioned in the Basic Gameplay section of the guide, Boosted Characters are brought into play during the 'Action Phase' of your turn, opposed to normal Characters which are brought into play during your 'Play Phase'. Boosted Characters also do not have Bandwidth Costs to play like other Characters, they instead require you to sacrifice other cards by discarding them from the field. Let's see an example:

Play Phase
  Captain Placeholder Bill the Scrapper  
Click each card to Enlarge

Let's say that it's your 'Play Phase' and you've just put good old Captain Placeholder onto the field. But Bill is already on the field, and since his OFF Power is higher that's just suicide isn't it? But wait...

Action Phase
  Admiral Placeholder Bill the Scrapper  
Click each card to Enlarge

Once you begin your 'Action Phase' you sacrifice Captain Placeholder in oder to play the Boosted Character Admiral Placeholder! Since the Admiral has the same OFF Power as Bill he's a more effective deterrent for stopping your opponent from attacking with Bill on their next turn. In this way you can upgrade certain Characters, even some that otherwise seem weak and useless, into forms that will give you access to more power and often some very unique special abilities.

Note: Bringing a Boosted Character into play works the same as playing a normal Character in that you cannot play them and attack on the same turn.

Also Note: If you attack with a normal Character, they cannot then be sacrificed; it takes place INSTEAD of the Character's attack. However you can still sacrifice a Character in the same turn that it is played.


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