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Ninja Guy-Den Boosted Character Cards work very much in the same way a regular Character Card does; they have bandwidth costs, Attributes, Special Abilities, Defensive and Offensive Power. The difference in them is how a Boosted Character comes into play.

Boost Requirements Just above their OFF and DEF Power, Boosted Characters carry this symbol. Next to this symbol is a list of card names or discriptions, which are the cards you're required to have in play and under your control in order to bring your Boosted Character into play. The required card or cards may be called out by name (ex. "Some Guy"), or they may be called out by a card feature (ex. "Any 3 Light Cards") . In any case, the required conditions must be met before the Boosted Character can be brought into play. For example:

BurkBecomes-- >Battle Mech

Anyone got a spare Burk in play?As you can see from this zoom-in of our Battle Mech from above, the Boost Requirement for this card calls for a card called Burk to be sacrificed in order to bring it into play. This means that in order to play the Boosted Character, you must already have Burk on the field. Burk may then be discarded as a sacrifice and Battle Mech then takes it's place in play. It should be noted that this name is not absolute... the Character "Burk the Kramonian Captain" will work just as well as a Character named "Burk of the Funk". Unless a subtitle is spescified in the sacrifice's name, any Burk will do.

Three Undead cards need to be sacrificedAnother example of a possible Boost Requirement would be this, which tells you that three Undead marked cards must be sacrificed to put the Boosted Character into play. Which cards these are spescifically doesn't matter, and they can be either Characters or Plot Devices you have in play, as long as they carry the Undead Attribute.

Here's a couple other things to keep in mind:

  • Remember that along with a Boost Requirement a Boosted Character may also have a Bandwidth Cost, just like a normal Character does. Also like a normal Character, this cost will be indicated by the Bandwidth circles at the top-left corner of the card.
  • You may choose whether a Boosted Character comes into play in Deffensive or Offensive Posistion, unless the card itself tells you otherwise.
  • A Character to be sacrificed and it's Boosted Character counterpart cannot be played within the same turn. Your normal Character must be played on one turn, and it may be sacrificed to play your Boosted Character on your next turn.
  • You do not always have to sacrifice your own cards to play a Boosted Character. For example, if you used the card "Crossing the Bridge" to take control of your opponent's "Some Guy" and while you normally couldn't simply discard it from the field you could use it as a sacrifice and summon your own "Ninja Guy-Den". As long as you have control of a card you can usually use it as if it was your own, but remember if any of your opponent's cards are sacrificed they go to their discard pile and not yours; card ownership is different than control.
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