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WAGON Webcomic Battle -Bandwidth

The Power Behind the Playbook

Bandwidth is the basic form of energy in the WAGON Webcomic Battle system. It is spent in order to play many powerful Characters, Plot Devices, and to use certain special abilities. The most convenient way to get Bandwidth is in the form of a Bandwidth Card like the one pictured here, which can not only power your cards but can be discarded during your 'Draw Phase' to get yourself an extra card or two.

To use Bandwidth you simply need to discard it from your hand.

There are also some Characters and Plot Devices that can generate Bandwidth for you as long they're in play, which can help you get your forces up more quickly and to help play those expensive more powerful cards.


Get a Job!Some GuyFor example, Plot Devices such as Get a Job! have the power to turn a Character's Bandwidth Cost into a source of Bandwidth that will be generated for you every round it remains in play.

While Characters like Some Guy will provide a free Bandwidth for your to spend every round.

Cards such as these add flexability to your gameplay by providing ways to take action without relying completely on your limited physical Bandwidth supply.


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