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WAGON Webcomic Battle

WAGON Webcomic Battle has a wide assortment of Characters and Plot Devices for you to draw on, and the effectiveness of your card's abilities may greatly depend on the traits possessed by the competition. The most important of these are often Attributes. Every card in the game (except Bandwidth) posesses at least 1 Attribute, indicated by a row of three icons. These Attributes not only give you an idea of the nature of the card, but let you know whether it can be effected by certain Plot Devices or Character Special Abiltities that will target cards that carry a particular Attribute.

Types of Attributes

Humanoid - Probably the most common Attribute of them all, Characters that carry this icon are either human or human-like such as elves, dwarves, or ogres. Animal - Two-footed, Four-footed, birds, fish, reptiles... if it crawls, swims, or flies around the old planet Earth you're most likely dealing with an Animal Character.
Flying - This Attribute is given to a Character that can take to the air, whether it be by wings or by magic. Alien - includes all things that come from space or outside Prime Earth-like influence, which could include alternate dimensions.
Machine - Mechanical monstrosities and techology are the name of the game when you see this symbol appear. Undead - A card with this icon isn't quite as alive as it once was. Whether this is an advantage or not may vary a times.
Plant - In webcomics, yes even the plants can have character! Leafy botanical beasts abound where this icon appears. Monster - Mutated critters and demonic creatures bring a new kind of terror to the battlefield..
Alchemy - Alcohol or other potent substances. Some characters are affected oddly by cards with this attribute. Psychic - Mental manipulations and sheer brain power are the key to cards that carry this mind-bending Attribute.
Fire - Some like it hot, and Characters with this icon certainly do. Water - Just the thing for making a big splah on the battlefield.
Dark - Darkness brings the power of shadow and suprise into your arsonal. When it comes to Dark cards, sneaky moves are on deck. Light - Unleash the power of the Sun! Holy warriors and bright-eyed battlers will carry will bring the truth to light.
Electricity - Shocking sparks and sudden storms are sure to rain down from cards that carry this especially energetic attribute. Plus Sign - this icon is for cards that have the ability to accumulate points, sometimes acting as a bank for extra Bandwidth or to prepare for a devistating attack!


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