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WAGON Webcomic BattleGame Rules: Character Cards - Genres

All Characters are organized into groups called Genres. They represent the kind of personality or methods a character would use in battle, and can dictate the way they are effected by other Character's abilities or by Plot Device cards. Here are a few examples of some of the most common Genres:

Fighter - Fighter Cards generally use melee-type attacks. They usually have higher OFF points and lower DEF points, making them more suited towards attacking your opponent.

Shooter - Shooter Cards use ranged-type attacks, either by using guns or throwing weapons usually. Shooters can have a very wide range of OFF or DEF points, and can usually be switched between Offensive and Defensive position to help wherever they are needed at the time.

Mystical - Mystical Cards use mystical powers to do most of their actions. While not nearly as rich in OFF points as most cards, Mysticals tend to have higher DEF points, making them excellent defenders. Many Mysticals also carry special abilities to give aid to your other cards in battle.

Geek - Geek Cards tend to not be as powerfull as other Character Cards, but they often have more diverse special abilities, and more often have the chance to become a Boosted Character.

Special - Special Cards often have unique properties that don't fit them into other Genres of characters. They can have such varied abilities, the details of using them in battle will be listed on the card itself.

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